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  • Pikmin Bloom

    Pikmin Bloom

    4.5266 · iOS 12.0+ · Games

    Grow your Pikmin, make flowers bloom, and keep track of your precious memories, all through the simple act of walking. Whether you’re going for a short walk around the...

  • Skip-Bo


    5.02.167 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Skip-Bo™ is een leuk en competitief kaartspel voor alle kaartspel-liefhebbers en is nu officieel beschikbaar op je mobiel. Deze nieuwe variant op de klassieke Patience en...

  • Townscaper


    4.532 · iOS 11.0+ · Games · Trailer

    Bouw schilderachtige eilandsteden met kronkelige straatjes. Bouw kleine gehuchten, hoge kathedralen, kanaalnetwerken of luchtsteden op palen. Blok voor blok. Geen doel....

  • Hyper Evolution

    Hyper Evolution

    4.5892 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    ► IT’S AN EVOLUTION REVOLUTION! Dive into the primordial soup and get eating in this beautiful and entertaining survival simulator where your goal is to climb the food...

  • MAD FUT 22 Draft & Pack Opener

    MAD FUT 22 Draft & Pack Opener

    5.015.856 · iOS 14.1+ · Games

    Welcome back to Madfut! We have improved the newest version of our FUT app in every way. Get ready for even more new modes and more exciting content than ever before. The...

  • Squishy Ouch: Fidget Toys

    Squishy Ouch: Fidget Toys

    4.5113 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Are you addicted to playing with sensory fidget toys? Your eyes light up when you spot a new simple dimple, pop it or slime games? Then Squishy Ouch is just for you! Tons...

  • Forensic Master

    Forensic Master

    4.0307 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    A new free detective game that needs the most talented Forensic Masters to solve mini crime cases. Find the hidden clue and objects that attract your suspicion and...

  • DOP 3: Displace One Part

    DOP 3: Displace One Part

    4.51.386 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Hey! Join us and enjoy “DOP 3: Displace One Part” - a new addictive puzzle game, where you choose how to solve the riddles! Your goal is to move objects to the pictures,...

  • Hyper Cards

    Hyper Cards

    4.5952 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Hey card collector! Are you ready to play the best card collecting and trading game ever? If you are obsessed with collecting all the cards, then Hyper Cards is the...

  • Stone Miner

    Stone Miner

    4.5560 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Welcome to Stone Miner: Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources, Sell them on the base, and Upgrade your truck to get even more! There are different types of...

  • Rope-Man Run

    Rope-Man Run

    4.5534 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Control the character that's made out of ropes and collect colorful yarns to grow and progress through the level without hitting obstacles as you will lose rope if so.

  • Beatstar


    4.51.168 · iOS 13.0+ · Games

    Join all your favorite artists in the next generation of music games. Follow the rhythm! Tap and Swipe to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs and...

  • Fighting Stance

    Fighting Stance

    4.5614 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Weapons at the ready, and away we go! This is Fighting Stance, and it’s to you to fight the enemies and win the game. Grab your swords, weapons, and more and strike your...

  • Date Master 3D

    Date Master 3D

    4.0167 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    The dating world has become insanely complex these days, and it’s showing no signs of getting any easier. So what better way to brush up on your dating game, than by...

  • Brain Riddle - Tricky Puzzles

    Brain Riddle - Tricky Puzzles

    4.5125 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Brain Riddle is the most engaging puzzle game available today. When you play the Brain Riddle game, you'll use your IQ to solve the visual questions we've...

  • Cutting Edge!

    Cutting Edge!

    4.5135 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Skate through the ice and land a perfect score! Can you raise above the competition and be on the cutting edge?

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