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  • Widgets Kit Wallpapers & Icons

    Widgets Kit Wallpapers & Icons

    4.5175 · iOS 14.1+ · Lifestyle

    Widgets Kit let you easily download all the icons of your choice and customize the icons, themes, widgets for your iPhone. Bored of the usual style? Widgets Kit is the...

  • Vega - Themes, Icons & Widgets

    Vega - Themes, Icons & Widgets

    4.5186 · iOS 14.0+ · Graphics en design

    Are you tired of your home screen? In Vega, we offer you the best themes, icons and widgets for your home screen. Make it yours with hundreds of uniquely designed themes...

  • Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D

    Animal Transform:Epic Race 3D

    4.5167 · iOS 12.0+ · Games

    Are you in for a joyful and speedy transformer race? If the answer is yes, we have the most epic race for you in place! Animal Transform Race. Come and give all it takes to...

  • Video Maker by CreatorKit

    Video Maker by CreatorKit

    4.537 · iOS 11.0+ · Graphics en design

    We started with one big mission in mind: HELP CREATORS GROW ONLINE. Choose from hundreds of animated video templates, designed for every social platform,...

  • Pixelcut: AI Graphic Designer

    Pixelcut: AI Graphic Designer

    4.5827 · iOS 13.0+ · Graphics en design

    Remove the background in your photos to make your products look professional! Sell more with professional looking photos on Instagram, Poshmark, Shopify and anywhere else...

  • Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art

    Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art

    4.5507 · iOS 13.4+ · Graphics en design

    Create logos, illustrations, graphics and more. Design on the go from anywhere, even offline - it’s never been easier to take your creativity to new places. Illustrator on...

  • ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets

    ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets

    3.5845 · iOS 13.0+ · Graphics en design

    De ScreenKit-app is de beste keuze om het startscherm van uw iPhone aan te passen met esthetische thema's, pictogrammen en widgets! Het helpt om uw app-pictogrammen,...

  • Universe in a Nutshell

    Universe in a Nutshell

    5.0108 · iOS 11.0+ · Onderwijs

    The range of size in the universe, from the tiniest particles to the epic galaxies - we take you on a journey of size that let’s you explore it all with a single swipe. How...

  • Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons

    Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons

    4.5134 · iOS 14.0+ · Graphics en design

    Themes, icon sets, time & date and photo widgets, wallpaper maker; add frames, filters, stickers and text to photos and crop images. Endless possibilities to customize...

  • Diy World 3D : Home Design

    Diy World 3D : Home Design

    4.5153 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Welcome to Diy World 3D - assemble and design spaces you love! Assemble numerous projects by placing items in a fun setting with a 3D puzzle twist. Discover as you...

  • Nomad Sculpt

    Nomad Sculpt

    5.018 · iOS 12.0+ · Graphics en design

    - Sculpting tools Clay, flatten, smooth, mask and many other brushes will let you shape your creation. Need hard lines? you will also find some lasso/line/curve cutting...

  • Beatleap by Lightricks

    Beatleap by Lightricks

    4.5590 · iOS 13.0+ · Foto en video

    There’s video editing, and then there’s Beatleap. We’re here to make the impossibly time consuming task of editing a video accessible in a few taps, and always at the tips...

  • Photoshop Camera Photo Filters

    Photoshop Camera Photo Filters

    4.5748 · iOS 13.4+ · Foto en video

    Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free photo editor camera app that lets you add the best filters and effects for your photos — before you even take the shot. Show off your...

  • Artleap by Lightricks

    Artleap by Lightricks

    4.5810 · iOS 13.0+ · Foto en video

    It used to take a whole lot of effort and time to get a beautiful double exposure or a fragmenting dispersion effect, or to even be able to imagine these results. Now,...

  • Kaartje2go - Kaart sturen

    Kaartje2go - Kaart sturen

    5.06.459 · iOS 9.0+ · Graphics en design

    Met de Kaartje2go app kan je op een leuke manier heel eenvoudig en snel een unieke kaart maken en versturen. In 4 simpele stappen maak je de mooiste kaarten met een eigen...

  • Lift: Story Maker

    Lift: Story Maker

    4.5212 · iOS 12.0+ · Foto en video

    Lift helpt je bij het maken van unieke stories met handige aanpasbare sjablonen. Kies één van onze sjablonen en pas deze vervolgens aan met verschillende lettertypen,...

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