Filmm | Video Effects + Color

Filmm | Video Effects + Color

van Filmm, LLC
  • iPhone app: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 29-07-2019
  • Gratis! · iOS 11.0 + · 113 MB · Versie 1.2.2
  • Just lovely

    I have been wanting an app to edit small video’s for a while. Cute filters and effects like the ones I would add to my pictures. And this is exactly what I wanted. I would have given it 5 stars If the app was totally free. But 100% recommend !

    4 / 5  door Annedeleeuw · Versie: 1.2
  • Sick!

    I love the filters on the app and the fact that you can choose to not show the watermark on the videos!

    5 / 5  door Martingarrixer · Versie: 1.1.1
  • Goddamn amazing

    Finally an app that doesnt put a watermark in the video! Im in love :) thank you so much for the cool filters! Really puts a vibe to the videos!

    5 / 5  door Een Bijnaam Omdat T Moet · Versie: 1.1.1
  • Great app

    I love the way you can your edit videos! Unfortunately a lot of the filters are only available after paid subscription

    4 / 5  door Madebystudiob · Versie: 1.1.1
  • Lovely!

    I love this app! Free stuff is great already, I’ve been seeing how I like it over the past few days and I’m considering buying the premium version because I love it so much! Definitely worth looking at if you do anything at all on social media and you want to stand out from the rest a little.

    4 / 5  door Z Reviewing · Versie: 1.0
  • So much fun!

    Pretty filters and effects. Too bad you have to pay by prescription for everything at once.

    4 / 5  door Me19931509 · Versie: 1.0
  • It’s so cute, thanks Zoë

    I thinks it’s super cool! I love all the pretty colors and I love the vibe of the hole app. Deff gonna use it a lot

    4 / 5  door Miss Frdrique · Versie: 1.0
  • Love it

    I really like the filters on here, would love to see more watermark options or even more filters one day, but so far so good

    4 / 5  door Redhead Serena · Versie: 1.0
  • Wish it was more like ACS.

    Had hoped this app would be more similar to A Color Story, but unfortunately isn’t. You’ll have to pay for the plus version if you really want to use it for your instagram (since there’s a watermark on the videos, and the free filters aren’t my thing.) The app just launched today so who knows what will change, but for now I’m gonna skip on it.

    3 / 5  door Jlskgrc · Versie: 1.0
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