iConnectHue for Philips Hue

iConnectHue for Philips Hue

van Crossfire Designs
  • iPhone app: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 22-03-2018

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    € 4.49 · iOS 10.0 + · 30.6 MB · Versie 3.1.8
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iConnectHue for Philips Hue van Crossfire Designs is een iPhone app met iOS versie 10.0 of hoger, geschikt bevonden voor gebruikers met leeftijden vanaf 4 jaar.

iConnectHue will bring out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, areas or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions! Want to go to bed? Just start up the integrated sleep timer and close your eyes. Intelligent timers only act when you need them.

Have you got a Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer or Motion Sensor and want more flexibility? Colors, scenes, sleep timers, reminders, brightness, blinking, on/off and (w/ optional animation editor) even color animations! The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity.

Philips has made it "app of the month" 3 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. This all comes in a nice clean package. It's possibly the only app you will need for your Philips Hue Lights!

iConnectHue is also available for the iPad: "iConnectHue HD" has even better usability thanks to the larger iPad screen.

Get more information about all the fantastic possibilities on http://iconnecthue.com

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues, please contact our support instead of giving a negative rating. Our team will try hard to solve any problem that you may encounter.

Why iConnectHue?
• Full feature set - control almost every aspect of your hues - and constant updates
• Family focus: Scene sharing, family geofencing (first one turns on the light, last one off - optional), group hiding (animation sharing requires same iCloud account)
• Everything happens on your bridge - your iPhone can stay off!
• Upload color animations to your bridge. No more empty iPhone batteries, everybody w/ iConnectHue can stop them!
• Load beautiful Magic Scenes and color your home - they work in every group
• Drag & drop colors from one light to another
• Multiply the possibilities of your Hue Tap, Dimmer and Motion Sensor! More flexibility than any other app on the market (details: http://iconnecthue.com/features)
• Create the iOS widget you want! Add scenes, switches, sleep timers, reminders, light states and dimmers, motion sensor temperature and more
• Access your lights and timers when not at home
• Powerful timers: Start them by time and day, by condition (group on/off or presence - with optional Automation), use colors & scenes, use random offsets, at sunrise or sunset time
• Instant timers: Darken lights when you go to bed, let your lights remind you (blink), transition to scenes
• Include your Living Colors / Living whites and 3rd party lights into your Hue system - iConnectHue can find most of them via Touchlink!
• Find new lights & devices, add lights from other bridges, update your firmware
• Integrated tutorials and FAQ make it easy to understand the usage and to solve problems
• Supports every Philips Hue hardware and most if not all 3rd party lights

To allow further development, additional modules are available via in-app-purchase:
• Automation turns off lights when the first arrives and the last left
• Create the animations you want, upload them to switches, have them on your Apple Watch, widget and for timers
• Magic Scene Designer
• REAL multi bridge support - control multiple bridges with just one app, without switching between them
• With Watch Plus you can give voice commands (also old bridge), control your groups, adjust their brightness and load their scenes, start sleep timers
• Save energy: Turn off devices with Living Whites & Osram Lightify plugs when not at home (included in Automation)
• Additional animation and Magic Scene packages
• All in-app-purchases shared w/ iPad version, if same iTunes and iCloud account used

It's less than a single Hue light. App development costs time and money - have a look what app development means:

It can do much more than Philips' app:

Terms of use: http://iconnecthue.com/terms/eula_en.pdf

Informatie voor iConnectHue for Philips Hue is het laatst vergeleken op 21 mei om 13:12. Aankopen verlopen via iTunes, controleer daar altijd de meest actuele prijs, compatibiliteit en andere informatie. Je hebt een actieve iTunes account nodig om apps aan te schaffen.

Nieuw in versie 3.1.8

Just making a few things better...
• Solves problems some of you were having
• Can detect certain automation problems and helps solving them

This is almost a new minor version, since we've done quite a lot of improvements. Hence decided to make the 3.1.6 a 3.1.7 ;)

What has changed:
• You can now use Magic Scenes in the Animation editor, and the Animation and animation functionality editor has generally been polished
• Improved bridge search with IP scan for some rare cases of problematic networks
• Support for the new bridge firmware with more available rules
• You can now trigger the bridge button from within the bridge page - just in case you've hidden it somewhere ;)
• Support for several new light manufacturers, including Trust, Paul Neuhaus Plug and several other controller manufacturers - see all of them on: http://iconnecthue.com/supported-devices/
• New Magic Scene set "Flower Power" - as if the 70s never stopped living! (In App purchase - just a buck!)
• Drag & Drop off lights onto other lights to turn them off quickly
• Solved problems some of you were having and reporting - thank you for this!

Go, try it all out!

Your feedback is welcome!
Never forget, this app wouldn't be here without you! Please leave a positive rating in the App Store, if you like these changes or want to support iConnectHue.
If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate and use the contact function in the app. You will surely get support!

Dear iConnectHue user, we have some great news for you: Say "Hello" to the world of Magic Scenes!

Remember that hassle with setting up traditional scenes? Set each light's color, then save it. But then, it only works for this one group.
Magic Scenes unify the way scenes work - one scene works for all of your groups, and iConnectHue does the work for you. Modify them with the Magic Scene wheel, adjust saturation and other parameters until they look like you want them in your group - iConnectHue will remember it for the next time you use it! Magic scenes are available for timers, switches, Motion Sensor, Coming/Leaving, Widget and your Apple Watch. They are ready to play with - two free packages are included! With the additional Magic Scene designer, you'll be able to design your own personal Magic Scenes - create new Magic Scenes within seconds! Don't want to get creative? We've got you covered with two additional great Magic Scene Packages: "That 80s" and "Evening Skies".
Try them out and you'll see why you never want to go back to ordinary scenes.

Not only that, this has also been done:
• Adaptions to the many changes iOS 11 has brought
• Color preview when e.g. setting up timers, widget, or magic scenes
• More options on the bridge service page
• Support for more Innr and Tradfri lights
• The complete change list will be shown to you on app start, you will also find it under "Help & More"


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