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    5.03.056 · iOS 13.0+ · Financiën

    Iedereen rijd wel eens een verkeersboete, maar wist jij dat 1 op de 4 verkeersboetes na bezwaar onterecht blijken te zijn? Dat betekent dat de kans aannemelijk is dat ook...

  • AI Chat Client - Lori

    AI Chat Client - Lori

    4.533 · iOS 15.0+ · Diensten

    Introducing Lori, your new AI chat client. With Lori, you can experience the full power of Chat GPT’s cutting edge natural language processing technology in a beautiful and...

  • Chat & Ask AI by Codeway

    Chat & Ask AI by Codeway

    4.52.697 · iOS 12.0+ · Productiviteit

    Ask AI to write anything and get instant answers. Chat with the most advanced AI! 【 ASK ANYTHING 】 Here are some ideas you can ask AI to write for you: - Stories, poems,...

  • Whats Web - Whatsweb

    Whats Web - Whatsweb

    4.593 · iOS 11.0+ · Sociaal netwerken

    If you need to use more than a phone to reply to messages, or always switch accounts within only one phone, making message replies untimely, this app can help you a lot!...

  • Car Play Sync & Connect

    Car Play Sync & Connect

    4.5228 · iOS 14.0+ · Diensten

    Keep track of all the necessary information about your car in one click! The app allows you to make sure that your car is safe before traveling. Check the remaining fuel...

  • Gola: Goal Tracker

    Gola: Goal Tracker

    5.024 · iOS 17.0+ · Productiviteit

    Elevate your goal-setting game with Gola! Our app lets you create and track six different types of goals, with customizable widgets and reminders to keep you on track....

  • Super VPN Fast Proxy Master

    Super VPN Fast Proxy Master

    5.080 · iOS 14.0+ · Productiviteit

    Browse the internet faster and securely with VPN Proxy Master. Protect your privacy, secure your data and keep your identity anonymous. You can choose from many VPN...

  • Genie - AI Chatbot & Keyboard

    Genie - AI Chatbot & Keyboard

    4.53.291 · iOS 13.0+ · Productiviteit

    Genie is a revolutionary AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT-4, GPT-3. Genie AI is not just any chatbot app; it's a super helpful tool, crafted with advanced AI...

  • Remote for LG TV App

    Remote for LG TV App

    4.5106 · iOS 15.0+ · Diensten

    Remote for LG TV App is an application that can make it easier to control your smart TV. Thanks to the features of the application, you can connect to devices on the same...

  • FlixTor Movie,Tv Show & series

    FlixTor Movie,Tv Show & series

    3.593 · iOS 11.0+ · Diensten

    FlixTor gives you a fantastic way to discover any movie or tv show. With a large database of attractive movies & TV shows, provides the fastest and effortless method to...

  • Opus IPTV Player - Watch TV

    Opus IPTV Player - Watch TV

    4.565 · iOS 15.0+ · Amusement

    Watch your favorite digital content, live tv stream, movies, and series as they should be! Complete smart IPTV player solution, available to download now. OPUS IPTV PLAYER...

  • Moof-it


    3.541 · iOS 15.0+ · Diensten

    Moof-it allows you to get the most out of your VanMoof bike. Log in with your VanMoof account and you'll be able to change the speed settings within seconds! Please...

  • KineMaster - Video Bewerken

    KineMaster - Video Bewerken

    5.0279 · iOS 15.6+ · Foto en video

    Get KineMaster and experience the best in video editing! It's easy with all the included powerful editing tools to bring your videos to life! KineMaster is the best...

  • Wijzerplaten #1 - Watch Faces

    Wijzerplaten #1 - Watch Faces

    4.5405 · iOS 15.0+ · Lifestyle

    Maak kennis met Watch Faces PRO, de ultieme app voor het personaliseren van je Apple Watch met zorgvuldig uitgekozen designer-wijzerplaten uit onze exclusieve collecties....

  • Miracast


    4.0111 · iOS 11.0+ · Diensten

    Screen Mirroring helps you cast your phone to smart tv in high quality. Cast to TV lets, you cast all local videos, music, and images to TV Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV,...

  • Pure Energie

    Pure Energie

    4.0741 · iOS 13.0+ · Diensten

    Groene energie, dat moet vooral niet te ingewikkeld zijn. Vinden wij ook. Daarom regel je bij Pure Energie al je energiezaken zelf. Wel zo gemakkelijk. Jij weet immers het...