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  • The Lord of the Rings: War

    The Lord of the Rings: War

    3.580 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Epic tales of old, be it of love, friendship, or glory, are in days bygone. A new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-earth now falls into your hands....

  • Pokémon UNITE

    Pokémon UNITE

    4.0382 · iOS 10.0+ · Games · Trailer

    Headline: Pokémon UNITE: Team up and take down the opposition in Pokémon’s first 5-on-5 strategic team battle game! Join Trainers from around the world as they head for...

  • Coal Mining Inc.

    Coal Mining Inc.

    3.562 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Dominate the coal industry and become the next millionaire tycoon in this new money making simulator game! Start small and expand the industry line, develop your empire,...

  • Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon

    Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon

    4.5346 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Will you be able to manage a whole golf club, build your golf empire and become the biggest golf tycoon in the world?! Become rich as an idle golfing capitalist and build...

  • Stickman World War

    Stickman World War

    4.5137 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Stickman World War - a new fun and addictive real-time strategy game with famous stickman heroes! RTS game in a modern setting with elements of survival, you can control...

  • The Ants: Underground Kingdom

    The Ants: Underground Kingdom

    4.5455 · iOS 9.0+ · Games

    To survive and reproduce, wars between animals take place frequently in nature. In The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you are the ultimate Ant Ruler to build the Anthill, lead...

  • Lumbermill Wood Craft Tycoon

    Lumbermill Wood Craft Tycoon

    4.5881 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Build your own lumber empire and become a lumber tycoon! Welcome to Lumber Inc - a brand new idle simulation game. In this idle simulation game, you start running a small...

  • Alchemy Stars

    Alchemy Stars

    5.0170 · iOS 10.0+ · Games · Trailer

    Main Theme Chase the Light in this Thrilling New Adventure! A revolutionary line strategy RPG that pushes the genre to new heights! Magnificent Stories Full of Fantasy and...

  • Summoners War: Lost Centuria

    Summoners War: Lost Centuria

    4.0138 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    The more the merrier! New content update complete! Enjoy the new content with more Summoners! Are you looking for a battle where you can enjoy both action and strategy?...

  • Northgard


    4.5117 · iOS 13.6+ · Games · Trailer

    Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a Clan of Vikings fighting for the control of a mysterious newfound continent. After years of...

  • The Walking Dead: Survivors

    The Walking Dead: Survivors

    4.5277 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    Upgrade and build up your town’s defenses to survive against both the living and the dead. Explore the world of The Walking Dead and recruit iconic comic book characters...

  • Magic: The Gathering Arena

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    4.5701 · iOS 14.1+ · Games

    WELCOME THE CHALLENGE YOUR GATEWAY TO MAGIC You know the name. Now download and play the original strategy card game on your phone. Unlock powerful decks right away, earn...

  • - Conquer the World - Conquer the World

    4.51.080 · iOS 11.0+ · Games

    Conquer the whole alternative world! Command your troops and capture all the states! This cell battle game will challenge your logic and reaction. is an abstract...

  • Warpath


    4.51.573 · iOS 9.0+ · Games

    Conquer the sky with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Battle on the ground and in the air in iconic locations around Europe to emerge victorious in this classic real-time strategy...

  • Idle Area 51

    Idle Area 51

    4.5164 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    The aliens have CRASH landed! Salvage as much alien tech as possible from the downed UFO and take it to your super secret desert facility for research in Idle Area 51....

  • stickman Flying touw held spel

    stickman Flying touw held spel

    4.5144 · iOS 10.0+ · Games

    er zijn twee modi die worden gebruikt in de eerste verhaalmodus van het spel en de arena-modus. in de arena-modus vecht de speler één voor één met vijanden. super stickman...

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