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Udemy - Online cursussen

Udemy - Online cursussen

van Udemy
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 08-10-2020
  • Gratis! · iOS 12.0 + · 96.1 MB · Versie 7.0.1
  • Video freezes after pauzing

    Voice played at any other than 1x speed has an echo.
    Video freezes after pausing.

    2 / 5  door Relax Wekker · Versie: 6.8.0
  • Bug

    When you search for a course and you select one of the line you get offered, you get to see the course above it.
    This happens on the iPad version.

    4 / 5  door Margriet1962 · Versie: 6.6.1
  • Super simpel

    Met deze app heb je toegang tot alle denkbare soort cursussen. De app zelf is eenvoudig en de offline functie maakt dat je een cursus ook in bijv. in het vliegtuig kunt volgrn.

    5 / 5  door 288 G T O272 · Versie: 6.5.0
  • Crashing app

    App worked fine, but now it crashed every time after startup. My iPad is running iOS 13.5.1 since a few weeks, and this never resulted in problems...unfortunately till today. Removing the app, resetting the iPad and re-installing the app didn’t solve the problem. Hope this can be fixed soon!

    4 / 5  door Kalajenkin · Versie: 6.4.0
  • Good platform

    This is a good platform for course presenters to host their study material. Unfortunately Udemy doesn’t QC The presenters subject material and most of the courses presented are substandard. Poor sound and poor presentation.
    You do find a gem here and there; be careful before paying money for any course material.

    2 / 5  door Yaku Db · Versie: 6.4.0
  • Works well

    The buttons for fullscreen and thumbnail are not intuitively placed. Reverse the order please. Status of downloaded courses is not always clear.

    4 / 5  door Damasias · Versie: 6.4.0
  • Best app ever

    It is very cheap to buy a course and the course can be on anything literally ! From playing guitar to how to start a buisness

    5 / 5  door Robin Teletubie · Versie: 6.4.0
  • Great courses, downloadable content. At times unstable

    I have purchased many great courses and have learned a lot in the last two years. The app really makes it easy to learn on the go.
    It is no longer as buggy as it used to be, but still suffers from occasional crashes (mostly due to low memory warning)

    4 / 5  door Chris V K R · Versie: 6.4.0
  • Ass holes

    You ‘ll love it if you don’t appreciate customer service or proper working apps.

    1 / 5  door Jop · Versie: 6.1.1
  • What the hell is with your ‘sign up’?

    No matter how many ways I try to create an account I get the same message “could not find your account “ .....duh, I’m trying to create one... fix this

    1 / 5  door Kaybe1 · Versie: 5.9.3
  • App does not start ** issue solved **

    App worked perfectly till the recent update. After the update the app closes directly after starting it.
    ** issue solved after new update **

    4 / 5  door Tsw9 · Versie: 5.9.1
  • Crashes after update

    Since the latest update the app crashes at startup. Running on iPad pro 2018 and iOS 13.3.
    Rev: after tuesday update, the app works fine again. Thanks.

    4 / 5  door Ieyasu Tokugawa · Versie: 5.9.1
  • App does not start

    App worked perfectly till the recent update. After the update the app closes directly after starting it.

    2 / 5  door Tsw9 · Versie: 5.9.0
  • Crash

    The app isn't working anymore.
    Crashes every time.
    Fix this issue, so that I can go on with my studies.

    1 / 5  door The Reedplayer · Versie: 5.9.0
  • Met elke update instabiler

    A.u.b. niet meer updaten, met iedere update wordt de app instabiler. Deze versie fixen en daarna afblijven ;-)

    1 / 5  door Aikijan · Versie: 5.9.0
  • Crashing app

    App worked fine before last update, but now it crash on any of my devices after the last app update. Hope this will be fixed soon!

    4 / 5  door Kalajenkin · Versie: 5.9.0
  • App crash

    With 5.9.0 update the app keeps crashing after opening on iPhone 8. It’s unusable.

    1 / 5  door Eveenh · Versie: 5.9.0
  • Just updated and the app crashes at startup.

    Just updated and the app crashes at startup, even after deleting and reinstall. Please test, before updating!

    1 / 5  door Margriet1962 · Versie: 5.9.0
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