Ticket to Ride - Train Game

Ticket to Ride - Train Game

van Asmodee Digital
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 09-02-2021
  • € 7.99 · iOS 8.0 + · 654 MB · Versie 2.7.11
  • Really good game

    I enjoy playing with this game a lot. One really annoying thing though that I need to share is that in the online game when you’re out of time the only option is to quit the game. It’s the worst when it was your last move and you’re unable to see where you ended up in the end... couldn’t it be developed into the game to stay in and observe once your time is up? Thanks

    4 / 5  door Bernigrl · Versie: 2.7.10
  • Great game but bad online support

    This game is really a good one to add to your collection.
    Unfortunally the network for playing online is lousy. 1 out of 4 games is getting stuck, did not start or the conection will lost or a player doesnt respond and there is no option to kick him/her.

    4 / 5  door Zzmichielzz · Versie: 2.7.10
  • Great game but crashes often

    This is a great game, unfortunately it crashes often. In still play this game a lot and hope it will resolve in future updates.

    3 / 5  door Jeroen Haarlem · Versie: 2.7.10
  • Great game

    But would be nice if you can instantly get a checkmark for your route when you claim a station in the europe map

    5 / 5  door Wiebe Veenstra · Versie: 2.7.10
  • Nice game, app sucks, please fix it!

    The game is very nice, the app however not. Very annoying: when I initiate a game on my iPad it does not start up when all players are there. I have to exit the app first and reenter.
    In the mean time the bot has chosen my tickets.....I cannot play my own game......

    3 / 5  door Ouyhflu6uofu6 · Versie: 2.7.6
  • Cannot play locally anymore

    App keeps pushing for accountinfo. And kicks you out of the game with no possibility to renoin. A pity since the game is usually so much fun!

    1 / 5  door Ren Amsterdam · Versie: 2.7.6
  • Nice, but limited without in app purchase

    It's a nice digital version of the game. You can play it solo, or with friends. You only get one map, for other maps you'll need to pay extra.

    5 / 5  door Abeltjr · Versie: 2.7.4
  • Great

    Super game but the computer players are really bad.
    Please improve the app so they also try to achieve the routes they have.
    The computer is no real opponent right now.

    5 / 5  door Fraukr74 · Versie: 2.7.4
  • Problems with the game


    I would like to know. We’ve bought the Europe game and synchronized it with my account with the code in the game itself. Now it’s not playable in the app. It wasn’t playable ever.
    Second; we have played the 1910 version a lot before. Now it’s gone. Can you please help with it? It’s not fun when games where you’ve paid for disappear.

    4 / 5  door Rovady · Versie: 2.7.4
  • One of the best board games!

    First: thanks for removing the annoying turn-banner!
    This is one of the best digital adaptations of a board game. The game itself is a lot of fun of course, but this digital conversion is very nicely done!
    A lot of people complain about the price, but it is not expensive at all and the price is completely justified for what you get. Additional boards are available as in app purchases, that’s fine as well! Only the host needs to have bought them and via family sharing you can share the game within your family as well.

    5 / 5  door Rvdv02 · Versie: 2.7.4
  • Doesn’t work

    As soon as I start playing in an online game the app stops and I go back to my iPhone homescreen.

    2 / 5  door Lotte5801 · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • Restore purchases doesn’t work!

    After resetting my login password I lost my European Map + 1912. Still it’s a great game... but what can I do to get them back?

    5 / 5  door Pd71 · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • Leuk, maar heel duur!

    Het is een leuk spel, maar voor 7,99 krijg je alleen het USA bord. Alle overige borden kosten 3,49 per stuk! Echt belachelijk veel geld en jammer dat dit niet duidelijker is aangegeven.

    1 / 5  door Mariahb · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • Great game

    Also in real life a great game, but fantastic to play online. Easily to get access to. Internationally played. Fun with different views and strategies.

    5 / 5  door Makkelijk En Goed · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • Tof spel, maar blijft erg veel bugs houden

    Erg leuk spel om met vrienden te spelen, juist door de vele kaarten (die helaas al met al bijna €30,- kosten) maar daarnaast heeft de game veel bugs. Steeds als asmodee er een opgelost heeft komt er weer een terug. Een tijd lang gehad dat je geen notificatie krijgt als je aan de beurt bent, nu crashed de app als je op die notificatie klikt.
    Ook is het intro filmpje dat je niet kunt skippen vrij lang, helemaal als je deze 60 keer per dag voorbij ziet komen.

    3 / 5  door Jelle · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • New turn banner

    The game is totally unplayable with the new turn banner. It delays the game play so much, it’s no fun anymore. How to switch off?

    2 / 5  door Gr R · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • Game works OK but app is bad

    New game banner is super annoying! It blocks the view on the board and tickets, please revert back to the old way!
    also it takes 6 to 7 clicks to get back into an ongoing online game. There should be a way to get in directly from the start screen.
    Also, why cant I choose the color of my own trains? And when playing online with friends the color of each player should be the same on all phones.
    If you can change this the rating will go up! :D

    2 / 5  door Joostmagtweten · Versie: 2.7.2-6540
  • Disgusting

    You already pay 9€ yet you only get to play the USA version. All others are only accesible by paying extra for them. Ridiculous, even risk is free to play with multiple maps rotating every week freely. Bad customer servicr

    1 / 5  door Wereldfamilie · Versie: 2.6.10
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