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The Sandbox - Building & Craft

The Sandbox - Building & Craft

  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 07-03-2018

  • € 2.69
    Gratis! · iOS 7.0 + · 172 MB · Versie 2.3
  • Buttons are broken

    I don’t know what you guys did but everything is messed up and some things are out of shape
    Fix this please
    I loved this game, it’s a shame to delete it

    1 / 5  door Baas Nick · Versie: 2.3
  • What happend

    I just tried out this game some hours ago and i still have no idea how to play this game. The buttons make no sense. And as it seems, you only have some coins which you can spend on about 3 blocks. If you want more you gotta pay

    3 / 5  door Clark0 · Versie: 2.3
  • Broken buttons

    I get texts on the buttons from the script, like playbuttonname and other weird things. Maybe take another look to the script and do it correctly.

    3 / 5  door 20mattay05 · Versie: 2.0

    I spend money to buy all The campaigns A few years ago and when I wanted to play it again all The text was completely messed up

    1 / 5  door 20 · Versie: 2.0
  • Used To love it

    I used to play this game a lot on older devices but now I tried to download it on my new phone and all the buttons are broken could you please look into this because if you read the other ratings they seem to have the same problem.

    3 / 5  door Tomstert30 · Versie: 2.0
  • WHY!?

    Why are all tutorials broken?
    The only text i see is "level1outro"
    Why, its just not playable now!

    2 / 5  door 0 · Versie: 2.0
  • Ideas

    I have a idea for a game in The Sandbox Evolution. It's called: Maze.
    It's like pac-man but without ghosts and different controls.
    The controls are simple it has a simple D-pad.
    What you need too do is go too the end of your level.
    But there are many obstacles in your way like cannons boulders pits spikes saws and many more

    5 / 5  door Viniebeer · Versie: 2.0
  • Buttons

    I absolutely love this game, but none of the button texts appear correctly. This makes the game unplayable, since even the objectives in mission aren't displayed properly. It is such a Shame that i cant properly play this, otherwise great, game now!

    3 / 5  door New Rides · Versie: 2.0
  • The buttons

    First of all, it is a fun game. I used to play it alot. After 2 years (now) I redownloaded it but the button names won't appear correctly.
    It says GenericOkButton instead of OK.
    Can you fix it? It ruins the game and the button placement because you can't click it properly. Thanks!

    3 / 5  door Didiabolo W · Versie: 2.0
  • Ik heb het gekocht!

    Ik heb het een keer gekocht maar alles wat ik gekocht had is verdwenen! Ik wil mijn geld terug!

    1 / 5  door Wat Maakt Dat Nou Uit · Versie: 1.999995
  • Was better

    The get mana by watching a video doesn't work anymore and there should be more free champains

    3 / 5  door And Controls · Versie: 1.999993
  • Great game

    Nice game, been playing it for a week, and it still has got me addicted to it.
    Especially love the opportunity to create/share levels, and play thousands of levels created all over the world

    5 / 5  door 0 · Versie: 1.99998
  • Leuk concept

    Leuke game, echter moet je veel geld uitgeven. De dagelijkse missies zijn gebuged want ik krijg 0 mana als reward. Ook het dagelijks inloggen is gebuged en hierdoor krijg ik niet elke dag mana.

    2 / 5  door Martijnvkk · Versie: 1.99996
  • Cool game

    IT is a really cool game but maby you can add a multiplayer mode so you can have a war with Arnold or add soliders and planes or Some more brainiac bodies for a war with multiplayer and make a campain were you got to Spawn soldiers to destroy enemies or somting else multiplayer but its already the best game ever!

    5 / 5  door Tomstert30 · Versie: 1.99987

    The best pixel game on iOS... and why 4 stars i cant save... my device is "iPad 2 16gb iOS8.2 not jailbroken"

    4 / 5  door Pleurop Tv · Versie: 1.99983
  • Ongelovig mooi

    Het is de leukste gratis game ooit alleen kom je op een gegeven moment vast te zitten maar dat word snel weer opgelost

    4 / 5  door Thijmen T G · Versie: 1.99981
  • Slecht dit zeer slecht

    Na de update is alles gereset zelf je aankopen dus je bent je geld kwijt en je hebt niks meer zonde dit

    1 / 5  door 0 · Versie: 1.99981
  • Justatitle

    +Fun to play when i'm bored.
    -Sometimes an ad covers the left side of my screen.

    4 / 5  door Loets · Versie: 1.9996
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