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Pokémon HOME

Pokémon HOME

van The Pokemon Company
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 26-03-2020
  • Gratis! · iOS 9.0 + · 318 MB · Versie 1.0.11
  • Great but need better

    1. Roomtrade or Traderoom everytime I get kicked
    2. Make Mythecal Pokèmon tradebel I know that everyone wants to get them but cmon make that once in a month Mythecal can be traded in GTS
    3. I know that Pokémon home nice relaxing game is but I would like it a lot more if u add catch Pokémon since I don’t have any Pokémon games on me Nitendo Switch
    4. Pls add to get a Mythecal Pokèmon like Mew that u can get them if u win a battle so as add battle and to get like Mew for battleing at least a Member from the Pokémon Company cuz I really want Mew doesn’t matter if its a Shiny or normal
    5. Add Friends and chatting that u can battle Friends trade Friends add friends and chat with Friends
    5. Nice game

    3 / 5  door Alexrammelt · Versie: 1.0.10
  • Too many trolls

    How and why are people allowed to set a specific level for a pokemon that you can never obtain at that level, also set sex for Pokemon that don’t have one... there’s no fun in trading when it full of trolls asking for level 10 legendary’s... it’s not that hard to fix it? For example zacian and zamazenta you can only get at level 70 so why can you set a level below that... it doesn’t make any sense now does it.

    1 / 5  door Hannae Sama · Versie: 1.0.10
  • Terrible

    Sorting my Pokémon from older generations is the worst experience possible on the switch and it’s impossible in the mobile version rendering the whole purpose useless.
    Besides you can not see in which box a Pokémon is when you offer it for a trade so if I have multiple of the same Pokémon I have to go all the way back to the beginning of this godawful app to look for those specific Pokémon and label the one that I can trade so I don’t accidentally trade the wrong one. On top of that a lot of functions seem to not work all the time (like the random trade room) Oh and it’s way overpriced if you want the premium version. This is a truly terrible and unenjoyable experience overall. Pokémon sword and shield weren’t that good to begin with, but gamefreak decided to place an extra turd on top of the pile of crap they have laid out for us with this money sucking ‘service’.
    Two stars because the animations look really good and the music is great to. But that is not enough to save this horrible app.

    1 / 5  door Cranebridge · Versie: 1.0.10
  • Good app but

    Really cool app, however it would be nice if there is a multiselect button for wonder box, so you can open all the new pokeballs at once, cause with the premium plan it takes a long time to open them all, and of course please make it possible to trade mythicals on the gts, it ruines the gts with spam.

    4 / 5  door Maximiliaan Pokfan · Versie: 1.0.10
  • Mooie app ( buxx fix pls)

    Mooie app heb al een mooi aantal pokemon geruild. Alleen als ik de muziek uit zet blijft hij deze afspelen bij de trade, je schrikt soms gewoon er van. Verhelp dit graag.
    Tip voor nieuw komers eerst app op de telefoon en dat inloggen met nintendo acc.
    Daarna pas inloggen op je switch. Anders kan je 2 verschillende acc. Aan maken ( zo als mijn broertje is overkomen, leuk elke dag 10 pokemon ruilen met je zelf )

    3 / 5  door Mark Stokkers · Versie: 1.0.9
  • Not able to log in

    I can not log in on my phone because i accidentally clicked that I already logged into a phone on my switch
    How do I fix it?

    2 / 5  door 3dsan · Versie: 1.0.9
  • Looks good! But what about 3DS/2DS?

    So far, I love the way this app looks and totally makes me feel ‘HOME’, but my current problem is that I don’t have a Nintendo Switch (and won’t have one for a while, due to financial reasons), but I do have a New 2DS XL where I play my Pokémon Sun game on. I’ve immediately started the trial period of the Pokémon Bank application on my 2DS, and it tells me that if I transfer my Pokémon to HOME, I won’t be able to return them to Pokémon Bank? Why is this the case and will this be fixed in the future? Also, why can’t I send my Pokémon to the app instead of a Nintendo Switch?

    4 / 5  door Lmao Zhe Dong · Versie: 1.0.9
  • Kaka gimma boys

    Wat is dit voor domme spel. Ik heb nog nooit zo een dom spel gespeeld. Peace uit Rotterdam.

    1 / 5  door Anoniem2 · Versie: 1.0.9
  • Jammer

    Ik vind het vervelend dat je een Nintendo account moet hebben voor dit spel daardoor kan ik niet verder spelen dan alleen het begin

    1 / 5  door Joris8877 · Versie: 1.0.9
  • GTS is bad

    Was looking forward to the GTS part, but very disappointed. Still no mythicals can be traded, but once again they can be requested, a useless and dumb system in this way.

    2 / 5  door Kobra1023 · Versie: 1.0.7
  • Overall Great, But Can’t Log-In

    Seems like a great app with a lot of potential.
    I love the idea and the price for the premium isn’t to expensive, therefore I find it a bit odd that Nintendo offers a premium service meanwhile the main-game aims a lot to new players (who mostly will be a young age.)
    Sadly enough I have to say that I can’t connect to my Nintendo Switch account on my mobile phone.
    I hope to see a fix soon for this problem.

    3 / 5  door R E A L S D E A L S · Versie: 1.0.7
  • Great, except mythical trades in GTS

    Pokemon Home is great so far, but I do think you should be able to trade mythical Pokémon in the GTS, for the rest everything great!

    4 / 5  door Neebenja · Versie: 1.0.7
  • Shrexy (sexy and shrek)

    Really love this! Only it would be cool if you search what people want instead of only what you want. That way you can see what you can get back for your pokemon

    5 / 5  door Beammieboy · Versie: 1.0.6
  • Make Mythical pokemon tradable

    Can you please make Mythical pokemon tradable because every one want it and you cant trade because everybody asks it

    4 / 5  door C R Hol · Versie: 1.0.4
  • Can’t log in

    When I try to log in it won’t let me because I’m already logged in on my switch so I can’t log in on my phone. Fix this pls

    2 / 5  door Fikkie46 · Versie: 1.0.4
  • Kan niet inloggen

    Ik heb perongeluk Pokémon HOME op mijn switch en DAARNA op de telefoon.
    Nu kan ik niet meer inloggen.
    Ik vind het niet zo handig dat dit gebeurd.

    3 / 5  door Ajdhdish · Versie: 1.0.4
  • Paid for a feature that doesn’t work

    De want to trade pokemon with my daughter but because she is <16 we can’t use the friends option.
    So I paid premium so I can setup a trade room. But it keeps logging us out :(

    1 / 5  door Han The Man · Versie: 1.0.4
  • Kan niet met direct ruilen

    Ruilen is vrijwel onmogelijk, bij de ruil kamers wordt je er zonder pardon uitgegooid. Ook indien je met een vriend wil ruilen, natuurlijk in nabije gelegenheid, wil dit niet functioneren.. en krijg je error na error...

    3 / 5  door I O H · Versie: 1.0.4
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