Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

van Ironhide S.A.
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 19-12-2018
  • € 5.49 · iOS 9.0 + · 621 MB · Versie 1.5.4
  • Best towergame

    Please tripple the campain levels in the next kingdom rush game, that would be really awesome!

    4 / 5  door Fjjngdthbv · Versie: 1.5.4
  • Why no endless map nor bonus

    For the experienced players its a easy walk through. Like others mention, 1-2 days , 8 hours. Whats missing is a bonus level of 3, which previous onces had. But even more the endless maps which would send wave aftehr wave on a big map. Also that way you sell more items, gold and hero’s, so hurry up

    3 / 5  door Torentjes Spel · Versie: 1.5.4
  • Leuk, maar te weinig levels

    Leuk spel, maar voor het geld echt te weinig levels. Daarom geen 5 sterren. Jammer!

    3 / 5  door Mjelleke · Versie: 1.5.4
  • Made by Ironhide Game Studio’s, so you already know it’s going to be good

    Fun, well made and well thought of - it’s awesome. Do yourself a favor and buy this, you won’t regret it.

    5 / 5  door Bolleke de Beer · Versie: 1.5.4
  • Very short for such expensive game

    Game finished in a few hours, hoped for more playtime with this price tag. Still the best tower defense game tho.

    4 / 5  door Harrie Papschnitzel · Versie: 1.5.4
  • Leuk, maar te weinig levels

    Leuk spel, maar voor het geld echt te weinig levels. Daarom geen 5 sterren. Jammer!

    3 / 5  door Mjelleke · Versie: 1.5.2
  • Doesnt save halfway a game, just bad

    You start a match, at round 12 of the 15 and 15 minutes into a game, had to stop, open up my phone 15 minutes later and i have to start over the match?..
    Why doenst it save halfway a fight..?
    - Only 17 missions 20 minutes per mission
    - 9 heros, 3 are free rest is overpriced
    - 16 towers, 11 are free rest is overpriced
    €7,99 for a dragon?..
    €7,99 for a tower?..
    This game is a joke

    1 / 5  door Arjanwisse · Versie: 1.5.2
  • Too short

    Again....super game! Everything About it is Great. Except for one thing....duration. I bought it, and the next day i completed it. Too short imo.

    4 / 5  door Dukestah8 · Versie: 1.5.2
  • Doesnt save halfway a game

    You start a match, your at rond 12 and 15 minutes into a game, had to stop, open up my phone 15 minutes later and i have to start over the match.
    Why doenst it save halfway a fight..?
    Paying for extra towers is just a ripoff
    Paying for extra heros is okee with me but €7,99 for a dragon?.. Thats more than the full game.

    1 / 5  door Arjanwisse · Versie: 1.5.2
  • Great game but instable

    The games crashes now 4 times in a row after the latest update even after a cold start of my iPad. Pletsen test your updates!

    2 / 5  door Civ Senior · Versie: 1.5.2
  • Great but a few notes

    All in all a great game as the rest of the Kingdom Rush series, but:
    - The encyclopedia is gone, which is a shame
    - The difficulty setting worked better in the older games: you can’t see in which difficulty you’ve completed a level. You keep your old level-up progress after changing difficulty, which makes the game to easy.
    - Pay for towers is idiotic as you’ve already payed premium for the game

    4 / 5  door Buiz076 · Versie: 1.4
  • Love it!

    All kingdom rush games are by far my favourite! Although I am a bit too invested in the story, so I felt quite bad killing all of my trusty old friends since it is the ‘bad guy’ you play this time.
    Can’t wait for the next game to come out! Keep it going!
    (And pls let me be the good guy again, I felt so guilty!)

    5 / 5  door Daisy Three · Versie: 1.4
  • Too many in app purchases

    This was an instant purchase for me, but I am put off by the abundance of IAP. It’s annoying by design. Too bad, Ironhide...

    1 / 5  door Nanapipirara · Versie: 1.4
  • Best tower defense series

    The Kingdom rush games are fun to play and very addicting. A must buy for tower defense fans.

    5 / 5  door Bouwkamp · Versie: 1.1
  • Again top tower defense

    I could not give less than 5 stars. All Kingdom Rush titles are super and i love the easter eggs. Thanks to the makers!

    5 / 5  door Arieyan · Versie: 1.2
  • No just no

    Plz stick to paid heroes ONLY don’t make towers that are actually REALLY good paid and unable to be gained through playing normally

    4 / 5  door Aliekjee · Versie: 1.2
  • Best tower defense game

    I have bought, and finished all kingdom rush games and they are by far the best tower defense games i have ever played. If you like tower defense then you won’t be disappointed

    5 / 5  door K I L G R4 V3 · Versie: 1.2
  • Update thing

    Ironhide can you guys please do something about when you did another mode like impossible or veteran that the level say you’ve completed this: impossible of another one because now i don’t know if i did clear the level.
    Let me know and maybe this is for the next update.

    5 / 5  door Sloddervos66 · Versie: 1.2
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