Meteor Multitrack Recorder

Meteor Multitrack Recorder

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    € 10.99 · iOS 8.1 + · 243 MB · Versie 2.42
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Meteor Multitrack Recorder van is een iPad app met iOS versie 8.1 of hoger, geschikt bevonden voor gebruikers met leeftijden vanaf 4 jaar.

Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder DAW designed specifically for the iPad, featuring up to 32 high quality audio or MIDI tracks, complete with built in Mixer and Multi-FX Processor.

Key Features:
•Record up to 16 tracks (upgradable to 32) of CD quality audio.
•CoreMidi Compatible.
•Multi-Effects Processor.
•Integrated 32 channel Mixer with 3 Band EQ per channel.
•Supports up to 24 Inputs and Outputs
•Midi Editor (In-App) Edit MIDI Note and Controllers
•Virtual Instruments.
•DropBox, and Copy & Paste Support.
•AudioBus Support.
•Apple Inter App Audio (IAA).
•AU v3 Instrument and Effect support in iOS11
•Import & Export Midi Files.
•MIDI Clock Sync with External Hardware.
•Integrated Sample Editor.
•3 Insert Effects Per Track.
•3 Global Send Effect Busses
•Insert Effect and Virtual Instrument Freeze facility to reduce CPU load.
•Record Effects & Record Monitor
•Mixer and Effect Automation
•Stereo Mixdown / Bounce Facility
•Import samples and iPod songs.
•Export to compressed CAF, M4A and WAV formats
•Automatic Delay Compensation
•In-App Purchases through the Online Shop found in the Help Menu

Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove DC offset, time stretch, pitch shift and basic auto tune.

Effects include digital delay, chorus / flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, auto tune, noise gate, tremelo, tone boost, distortion and many more.

The Mixer and effect levels can be fully automated using definable controller tracks.

Great tool for journalists, With The Video Import In-App you can import a video and Edit, Create and Export the Video and Soundtrack. Great for reporting on the go.

Supports up to 32 tracks on a 4th generation iPad (or later), 24 tracks on a 2nd or 3rd generation when used in conjunction with the In-App 16-24 Track Upgrade.

Please Note: A recent bug allowed some users to gain access to plugins that had not been purchased. We are sorry for any inconvenience or missunderstanding this may have caused. We have since introduced a greatly discounted 'unlimited plugins' In-App purchase for those who want unrestricted access to all Meteor's features.

If you have any questions or issues you can use our online support form and we will get back to you.

Informatie voor Meteor Multitrack Recorder is het laatst vergeleken op 6 aug. om 17:50. Aankopen verlopen via iTunes, bekijk daar altijd de meest actuele prijs, compatibiliteit en andere informatie. Je hebt een actieve iTunes account nodig om apps aan te schaffen.

Nieuw in versie 2.42

Minor Bug Fixes.


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Very Powerfull and Sophisticated Audioproduction DAW

Meteor has been One of my First favourit iPad DAWs. It is strong and comprehensive.
Although I mis visual effect of what sound does when Working on the frequenties and levels and compression. Meteor is a tool were you need to have understanding of Recording and Sound engeneering. It is not just the aversie loop easy cut and past - we Got a Great sound app.

Theater apps of Meteor are also Great and worth having on Your iPad when you Compose on Your iPad.

Thumbnail Up and looking forward to new updates.

Suggestions :
- a bigger piano rol and keys (half screen size would Be Great) - when you do not have a midi keyboard At hand. The small keys now are not functional.

- visual equalizer and compressor
- spectral analyser

5 / 5  door D M D P Music D M D P Records
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