Magical Pick Guitar Tools

Magical Pick Guitar Tools

van The Chord Reserve
  • iPhone app: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Releasedatum: 24-11-2017

  • € 13.99
    € 10.99 · iOS 11.0 + · 72.1 MB · Versie 1.0.5

Magical Pick Guitar Tools van The Chord Reserve is een iPhone app met iOS versie 11.0 of hoger, geschikt bevonden voor gebruikers met leeftijden vanaf 4 jaar.

Fret not fellow songwriters; the tool for fast songwriting is here! With this app you can write your own songs without having to be a theory expert!

Built on a custom chord library, this innovative tool allows you to capture, write, and plan out all of your songwriting ideas.


• Spark Your Creativity & Beat Songwriter's Block
Break out of your creative block and unlock your ultimate jam out with chord family magic. Use the "Quick Chords" feature and the app will give you 14 random chords to test out. And guess what? It's powered by chord families so no matter how you mix and match them, your progressions will be off to a solid start!

• Stay Organized
Chords, notes, lyrics, and recordings are neatly packaged together. Magical Pick™ wants to make sure you never lose that perfect sound or the ideas with it.

• Write By Sound
Our custom progression builder allows you to hear the chords as you build your song so that you can easily capture the sound you are after, even if your guitar is not with you.

• All 24 Key Options
Enjoy exploring and learning how to play in different keys. We have 6000+ chords from all 21 types, not just the majors, minors, and 7ths.

• Efficient Songwriting
Tap on the chords to hear what they sound like first. You will save loads of time chasing your sound when you don’t have to worry about playing the chords that would not have worked. If you like a chord, swipe it to your progression! From there you can also tap to hear, re-order, remove, duplicate…whatever works best for you to capture your idea.

• Learn Your Chords
Covers are fun, but the reward comes from making your own masterpiece. We allow you to see and hear how each chord should be played.


• Songwriters
Whether you are just staring or a seasoned writer, Magical Pick™ gets you into a place of easy experimentation and songwriting creativity. Start by creating the structure, add lyrics, and make a all stays organized neatly for you.

• Vocalists
Need to communicate your song ideas more effectively? You can use this app to build out your song ideas and your band mates will immediately know what to play and how you want them to play it.

• Producers
Trying to get the perfect sound for your client? Build it out on Magical Pick™ and not only can they hear the core of the idea, they'll be able to see exactly what chords to play and how to play them.


• Curated chord library of over 6000 chords
• “Quick Chord” randomizer that pulls 14 chords from the library for you to play & create sparks with
• Filtering to view in chord or list view
• Filtering to limit chord library results based on 21 chord types
• Custom progression builder for audibly creating your ideas
• Restructure function that allows you to reorder, duplicate, or delete chords in your progression
• Recording feature that allows for tagging the recordings to compositions, progressions, or just leaving it loose as a quick take.
• Journal entry feature that allows for tagging notes and lyrics to compositions, progressions, or just leaving it loose as a quick note
• Studio view that allows you to easy access all of your compositions, progressions, recordings, and journal entries.
• Ability to quickly duplicate progressions and compositions
• Ability to share recordings and notes via SMS and Email


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Nieuw in versie 1.0.5

A huge "Thank you!" to all the wonderful songwriters that have given us such a great reception and terrific feedback over the last year. As requested, this update removes the subscription entirely and the app is now available for purchase directly from the app store! Buy it today, use it forever, and...get the fun updates we have planned for 2019 and on ;) We can't wait to hear what you write!

P.S. Don't forget to try out the "Quick Chords" feature from the's pretty fantastic!


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