Call of Duty速: Heroes

Call of Duty速: Heroes

van Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 13-12-2016
  • Gratis! · iOS 7.0 + · 166 MB · Versie 3.1.0
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Call of Duty速: Heroes van Activision Publishing, Inc. is een app voor iPhone, iPad en iPod touch met iOS versie 7.0 of hoger, geschikt bevonden voor gebruikers met leeftijden vanaf 12 jaar.

Experience the excitement of Call of Duty速 like never before. Command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drones straight from the Call of Duty franchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Customize your base and train elite forces to dominate your enemies in fierce battles featuring fully controllable heroes and epic Killstreaks, like the first-person chopper gunner.

Take command of a small outpost and build it up into an impenetrable base. Then go on the offensive, launching attacks against your enemies. Take direct control of heroes such as Price, Soap, and Harper, wreaking havoc with game-changing Killstreaks. Create deadly alliances with your friends, competing for in-game rewards.

Take control of and level up iconic heroes from the Call of Duty franchise, including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and more. Each hero has their own progression system and unique Killstreaks.
Train and specialize your army using units directly from Call of Duty, such as Juggernauts, Dragonfires, and CLAWs.
Unleash Killstreaks such as the drone strike, UAV, care package, and chopper gunner to devastate opponents.
Build and upgrade your base into a fortress with sentry guns, Guardians, SAM turrets, howitzers, mines, and over 30 other upgradable structures.
*Defend your base against attackers and go on the offensive in three unique modes: PvP, Campaign, and Survival
Team up with your friends to form alliances, donate troops, and dominate your enemies.

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For the best experience, we recommend playing this game on an iPhone 6+/6/5/5s/5c/4s, and iPad 2/3/4/Air/Mini/Mini Retina. Due to heavy graphics requirements, this game is NOT compatible with the older iPhone 4 or iPod 4th Generation.

Note: An internet connection is required to play this game.

Please note this app contains social features that allow you to connect and play with friends, in-app purchases that cost real money, and push notifications to inform you when exciting events or new content are taking place in the game. You can choose whether or not to utilize these features.

息 2014 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading, installing or using this App, you agree to Activision's privacy policy and terms of use, as may be updated by Activision from time to time. Please visit to view Activision's privacy policy and to view Activision's terms of use.

Informatie voor Call of Duty速: Heroes is het laatst vergeleken op 23 jan om 01:25. Downloads verlopen via iTunes, bekijk daar altijd de meest actuele prijs, compatibiliteit en andere informatie. Je hebt een actieve iTunes account nodig om apps aan te schaffen.

Content met intens animatiegeweld of fictief geweld kan regelmatig voorkomen.

Nieuw in versie 3.1.0

Build the Ultimate Stronghold with Command Center Level 12!
. The wait is over! Upgrade your CC to Level 12 to upgrade your structures, defensive mines, turrets, and walls to decimate your foes!
. Roast your enemies with the brand new Flamethrower Turret!

Winter is Here!
. Enjoy a White Christmas with Snow and Holiday Decorations on the Factory Base.
. All Supply Drops are now Holiday Gifts delivered by Santa Claus himself!

New Alliance War Event!
. Engage in community suggested Alliance War Events, available later this month!

3.1 Upgrade Gift
Enjoy a gift pack in your Inventory of Celerium and a 24 Hour Building Boost!

Other Improvements
. Added Skillpoints as possible drops in Challenge Mode.
. Various bug fixes and optimizations.

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  • Call of Duty速: Heroes iPhone app afbeelding 3
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No notifications?

Game looks promising but how cone im not receiving any notification on the iOS? my settings are enabled by the way.

4 / 5  door Satsph
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