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Hours Keeper: Time Tracker

Hours Keeper: Time Tracker

van Appxy
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 14-01-2020
  • Gratis! · iOS 10.3 + · 114 MB · Versie 3.8.4
  • Wanneer wordt Hours keeper weer bereikbaar?

    De app is niet meer bereikbaar, omdat je slechts de keuze hebt om andere apps van de ontwikkelaar te proberen en dat is nu precies wat ik niet wil! Ik heb ooit betaald voor de app en wil de normale toegang terug.

    1 / 5  door Mafaa1 · Versie: 3.6.1
  • Irresponsible company

    My information disappeared, my hours with clients, payments, etc. I sent several emails but no answer

    1 / 5  door Caboa · Versie: 3.6.1
  • Do not use!

    The app’s update made me lose half a year of data. There is no answer through e-mail, only an automated message that their mail box is full.

    1 / 5  door Luliaboa · Versie: 3.6
  • App crashes

    Since the inlog screen with emailaddress the app is crashing and not working at all.... Useless!

    1 / 5  door Wv70 · Versie: 3.6
  • Update after bugfixes good

    A new look and feel was introduced. Sadly it came with a few bugs. But the developers fixed the greater bugs shortly after and they fixed the smaller but harder ones in the following period.
    So a great app. The best I think, it suites almost al my needs.

    4 / 5  door A R · Versie: 3.5.3
  • Looks great but.......

    New version looks great but it is very slow. The old version responded immediately, this one needs 10 sec or more to switch to a other function.

    2 / 5  door Anne Margreet · Versie: 3.5.2
  • Update looks nice but doesn't work

    With the update a new look is introduced, but that didn't work out well on several function. Only parts of the text are readable. Furthermore are the invoices now mirrored upside down and some text is scrambled.
    The update should have been a pilot version for testing, not a distributed version.
    Now waiting to get back the app it used to be. Because it was greater than all other apps in this catergory.

    1 / 5  door A R · Versie: 3.5
  • App is fixed!

    App kept crashes after big update but it got fixed real soon and my favorite functions are back! Great app.

    4 / 5  door Beftex · Versie: 3.4.1
  • No improvements

    Although the older version served its purpose well, the current version lacks basic features which forced me to look for an alternative app. For instance: where did the clock in at... And clock out at... Option go? Pity, I really liked the older version...

    2 / 5  door Mmeelk · Versie: 3.4.1

    The 2 new update still not fix the better use of the app, 2 Update's before the app was better and easy to use when you start it was verry easy to "clock in" and "clock out" Now when you star you are on Dashboard and you cant do nothing there why is that? And with the iPhone 6 plus is really hard to press the upper left side for the menu and go to "Clients" then pick one and clock in ? Waste of time ! Better make clock in in the Dashboard menu and to choise witch client you want to clock in OR make app start direktly to the Clients menu! One more good make the left menu to slide not to go upper left for press!

    1 / 5  door Koshmara · Versie: 3.4.1
  • Less functionality

    I'm not happy with this version. Cannot 'clock in at time' anymore. Cannot see if I'm on hours from homescreen anymore. Clocking out and in with other costomer is less easy (more steps). Miss this features a lot. Please bring them back.

    1 / 5  door Mans Is Gek · Versie: 3.3
  • Pretty much perfect so far

    So far pretty much perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. But we'll see after a while.

    5 / 5  door Kr9001 · Versie: 2.7.1
  • Erg handig.

    Handig om mijn uren bij te houden en eindelijk af te zijn van papiertjes en docenten op de computer.

    4 / 5  door Djamielo · Versie: 2.5
  • Great app, but pro version missing some needed feautures

    I think the app is great, and I almost immediately bought the pro version.
    What I am missing are more export option and/or the ability to change more of the layout/text of the invoice.
    Now you get a very basic invoice, which will not be sufficient for most countries rules. Would also be nice to have it in multiple languages. This wouldn't be a big problem if the export option contained an option to export with a nice looking layout. That we can insert into our own invoice templates.

    4 / 5  door Billie N L · Versie: 2.5
  • Hours tracking like it should be!

    What a great experience to have and use this perfect app for tracking my worked hours for clients. It does provide everything I needed and even more. Plus its really nicely done in its design. Thank you all. I love you!

    5 / 5  door Syrincs · Versie: 2.0
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