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Furistas Cat Cafe

Furistas Cat Cafe

van Runaway
  • Universeel: Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch
  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 13-09-2020
  • Gratis! · iOS 10.0 + · 316 MB · Versie 2.500
  • Mijn lievelings spel

    Ik heb dit spel nu een paar weken, en het begint niet te vervelen! Alles werkt goed, en er zijn weinig reclames waar je je aan stoort. Oké het principe van het spel: Je hebt je eigen kattencafe. Als je je katten opvoed, ga je sneller level up. Om te helpen met het opvoeden van je katten, heeft het spel manden toegevoegd. In die manden zitten speeltjes voor je katten. Als je level up bent, kan je vaak een nieuwe kat kopen. En je kan ook zelf je café inrichten! Love this game

    5 / 5  door E234 Rijst · Versie: 2.131
  • Um the game is not doing it☹️

    Yes hi the game Sas there is a problem en that the hole time en the sad if it not doing it I had to say it here so I hope you can fix it.

    5 / 5  door Play This Game En Vind Me · Versie: 2.111
  • Let us turn furniture

    i love the game and am addicted. i want to make my cafe more fun, but i cant even put four chairs around a rectangular table. Can we pleeeassee just turn around furniture !

    5 / 5  door Haiqhdoqoq · Versie: 1.972
  • So cute

    5 star game, but the app crashes sometimes when I watch an ad so that’s a bit annoying

    4 / 5  door The Sabunator · Versie: 1.961
  • I had this game for 2 days and now if i want to play it the app wont open but i love it also so much can someone pls fix this

    4 / 5  door J Goldewijk · Versie: 1.960
  • Heel leuk

    I LOVE IT! Maar er is toch 1 ding te zeggen; misschien moeten jullie er iets meer aan toevoegen, want best vaak heb je gewoon niets te doen! Dan word het best saai, maar voor de rest, LOVE THIS GAME!

    5 / 5  door Dit Is Laura · Versie: 1.923
  • Love it. And gave It 5 stars because of Its cuteness

    I usualy Dont give 5 stars to games but the utter adorableness just...just...I JUST COULDNT RESIST LOVE THESE LITTLE FURBABYS. (I am a boy And i love cats. We even have two. That killer a bird two days ago...... And i also like birds...)

    5 / 5  door Smoky Beenzz · Versie: 1.904
  • Nearly every time i watch an ad the app crashes. also, the events where you can win cats are very hard to complete, and i think they could be improved in a way that doesn't involve pay to win, because now, it's almost impossible unless you spend every minute of your day keeping track of your baskets.

    3 / 5  door Boopy Kitten · Versie: 1.891
  • Cat café is super fun

    I love cat cafe! I think is it a super fun and cute (especially for cat lovers) I love the cute music and that you can do orders for customers. The only thing that I think you can improve is that the leveling up is super hard to do. It would be more fun if that would be a bit easier. Otherwise I love it!

    5 / 5  door Joy Joy My Kittie Cat · Versie: 1.850
  • Lost all my progress

    I was almost at level 27 and all of a sudden i got bounced off my account and now i lost all my progress

    1 / 5  door 0 · Versie: 1.850
  • i lost my account

    Hey i love this game, but i cant log in on my old account, and i was on level 18 , please fix this

    1 / 5  door Mellaah · Versie: 1.850
  • I love this game, but I have a question
    Will the seasonal event cats be available later on? My game crashes often and I’ve already missed out on collecting Luna, and I really want to get everyone. Maybe you could put the cats up to buy with fish so you could buy them at any time?
    The game also crashes every minute. I hope this can be fixed soon!
    Because of these issues I missed out on both star lord and odie (the seasonal event cats). Please fix the crashing because this is annoying me a lot,

    3 / 5  door Boopy Kitten · Versie: 1.805
  • Leuk spel

    Leuk spelletje, zeker als je van katten houd :)
    Maar iemand een idee wat ik met de hartjes kan doen? Staan nu op max level dus alles wat ik extra verdien is zinloos..

    5 / 5  door Nouckj · Versie: 1.805
  • Relaxing + fun

    Really relaxing game. It’s enjoyable. The only thing I’d like to see in the game is the possibility to rotate furnitures, so you can design your own cafe even better. And more deliveries.. waiting 2h to open 1 basket is just ridiculous. Give us the opportunity to let 2-3 basket arrive/open..

    4 / 5  door Pleasefixthis · Versie: 1.706
  • Not getting the promised hearts from vips

    For now, 2 stars.
    Getting 1 heart from VIPs instead of 80 which means I’m not getting the baskets I need to complete the rewards.
    Sent a message to support a couple of days ago but not getting a response.
    If this issue gets fixed it’s an awesome game!

    2 / 5  door X Boople · Versie: 1.603
  • New update

    The game won’t start since the new update, so I hope it can be fixed very soon. It’s a shame because it’s a fun game with cute cat furniture and cats

    4 / 5  door Anoniem · Versie: 1.603
  • Na update vast

    Het spel loopt vast sinds de update! Jammer, het is een heerlijk relaxed spel. Graag fixen!

    2 / 5  door Nousjka · Versie: 1.603
  • Amazing!

    It’s a wonderful game. It truly shows the essence of cats.
    I’m not giving 5 stars because there are always improvements: sometimes the game crashes for no reason. Also, I’d like to see the customers use the items I placed instead of the ground. I have so many chairs, but instead they opt to sit on the ground...
    4/5, would recommend.

    4 / 5  door Grace Daisyviolet · Versie: 1.502
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